V.I.P.  – Call of Duty 4 Custom Singleplayer Mission

Platform : Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare
Role : Designer, Scripter, Builder
Development Time : 3 months
Release : 2012
Download : MediaFire
Source Files : MediaFire

The player begins as the second member of a two man Recon Team, hidden away in the back of an enemy truck. President Namir has been kidnapped and intel suggests he is being held somewhere in a village in Western Russia. The recon team quickly captures an enemy soldier and learns that the President is being held in a convoy on route to the town. They quickly make their way to a lookout point to watch the convoy arrive and get an exact location of President Namir. The player then switches perspectives to a Navy Seal Team sent in to rescue the president.

V.I.P. was made on a heavily modified version of the “Hunted” level over a 3 month period while I was finishing up school. With V.I.P. I tried to become more creative with the Call of Duty 4 assets to form more creative and interesting gameplay. For instance, I was able to fake many first person animations by using animations that were intended for AI. While creating the human shield gameplay sequence, I utilized a one armed AI model ( Zakhaev ) and created a weapon ammo and fire system. After creating this human shield gameplay I utilized the idea in several ways throughout the level. While doing 100% of the scripting tasks, I also contributed to much of geometry changes and wrote all of the dialogue.