NightRaid – Call of Duty World at War Custom Singleplayer Mission

Platform : Call of Duty : World at War
Role : Designer, Scripter, Builder
Development Time : 4 Months
Release : 2010
Download : moddb

Assist a U.S. Infantry Division in raiding a Japanese outpost to capture a vital artillery position. “NightRaid” begins in a swamp on the outskirts of a Japanese occupied village. After fighting through the village, the U.S. squad must find their way through heavily occupied caves to the flank of the artillery position. After securing the armor, the mission is seemingly a success, but Japanese forces have more in store for them.

“NightRaid” was my first completed mission and I did all of the design, scripting, and level building. My goal was to create three very different environments that flowed well together and featured different gameplay that had good escalation. For this level my focus on the scripting side was to create solid, varied combat.