Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare

Platfrom : Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC | Role : Game Designer | Development Time :  ~3 years

I was involved in the development of Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare from the very initial pitching stages. I contributed to many of the prototypes that would be used in our final game and scripted many gameplay systems. I worked closely with engineers to implement gameplay features and to make sure all of the design requirements were met. Additionally I worked on many of the single player missions, including ones used for trailer and E3 purposes. For E3 I worked on the Geneva floor demo.

Missions Overview
During the development of Infinite Warfare I worked on many different levels. I got the opportunity to work on greenlights and promotional material, including the E3 “Black Sky” demo. Due to needing someone who could provide exciting sequences and quick iteration, I was often asked to work on moments that needed fast implementation with great results. I especially enjoyed working on sequences where I could create exciting gameplay, for example the “Black Sky” combat or the Seeker Robot breach in “Operation Black Flag”.