Call of Duty : Ghosts

Platfrom : Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, PC | Role : Game Designer | Development Time :  2 years

I joined Infinity Ward at the very beginning of Call of Duty : Ghosts development. Not only was this my first industry experience, it was my first proffessional job. Admittedly, this lead to a rocky start where I had early struggles, but I feel I finished the 2 year development cycle on extremely solid ground. Through out Ghosts I learned the value of working closely with all the various devleopment departments.

Mission 5 : Homecoming
Role : Design and Script
Development Time : 6 months
Release : November 2013

“Homecoming” begins with Hesh, Riley the dog, and the player landing in Santa Monica, California during the Federation invasion. After putting up a solid defense, the enemy forces are able to break allied lines and push up the beach. Hesh, Riley, and the player must then fight to their fathers house to make sure he escapes the advancing Federation forces.

I designed and scripted “Homecoming” from start to finish. The goal of this mission was to create a D-Day scale battle in an extremely familiar location, but the ally forces took the defensive perspective. I worked closely with all departments to work towards this goal. As well as doing all scripting tasks, I wrote all of the initial dialogue, and directed much of the mocap to make sure all of the animation design needs were met. Many moments from “Homecoming” were used in various trailers and marketing material.