Extraction РCall of Duty 4 Custom Singleplayer Mission

Platform : Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare
Role : Designer, Scripter, Builder
Development Time : 12 Days
Release : 2011

Extraction starts with the player experiencing the death of a marine soldier after the crash of his squads Chinook helicopter. The player then switches perspectives to his primary role as a member of a task force sent in to assist in the rescue of the survivors. The squad moves through the city experiencing CQB combat and breach a building to provide overwatch on the crash site. An ally AV-8B harrier enters the combat space to provide additional assistance and the player must laser specific targets for the jet on the way to the extraction point. As the extraction helicopters land, enemy forces close in and the player’s squad must make a daring dash to the second extraction point.

“Extraction” is an action packed single player mission developed over a 12 day period. It is approximately 10 minutes long and takes the player on a thrilling ride where he experiences multiple battlefield perspectives. The mission geomemtry is a heavily modified version of the “Backlot” multiplayer level from Call of Duty 4. I focused on trying to get an authentic military feel, while having varied gameplay and mission goals.