Breach and Secure  – Call of Duty 4 RTS Prototype

Platform : Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare
Role : Designer, Scripter, Builder
Development Time : 2 Weeks ( Part Time )
Release : N/A

In this mode you will control multiple squad types from an isometric perspective to achieve a strategic advantage over enemy forces. Order your squads to stack up on buildings and use different breach types for different situations. Squad types have specific strategic roles and have different abilities.

Breach and Secure was a quick prototype I made in the Call of Duty 4 mod tools using the “Hunted” level. It have already built in squad controls, building breaching, stealth integration, and squad health. My goal is to make a strategy mode that has action packed gameplay, but also makes the player think about his actions. I am extremely excited about continuing work on this mod when more time permits.